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As Sever Construction continued to grow and expand their team, including adding an experienced sales and marketing professional, it too was time to refine their online presence.  


Simplifying a site through consistency, relevancy, and clarity.

With a new focus on sales and marketing, Sever Construction was in need of a new website. Currently utilizing an outdated platform, the team decided to migrate their existing site to WordPress, while simultaneously doing a complete site redesign including color palette, information architecture and site layout, as well as a number of content updates.


A simplified site, for a firm focused on simplifying the construction process.


Design and develop a new website utilzing wordpress, while simultaneously refining existing brand messaging to clarify, simplify, and create consistency.


Instead of simply recreating what they already had and migrating it to WordPress, we took this opportunity to refine and refresh the entire site, building upon who the firm had already established themselves to be – a leader in the commerical real estate market that works collaboratively to make the construction process simple.

The Project

The new website for Sever Construction, was designed with a focus on simplicity to mimick the firm’s tagline “Construction Made Simple Through Collaboration”.  This meant a completely redesigned layout, including information architecture and site map to increase usability and functionality. Additional work included:

  • Simplified value proposition
  • More clearly defined services
  • Simpler process definition
  • Created impactful call to actions
  • Consistent messaging throughout
  • Created more than 30 project pages including revised project descriptions and edited photography
  • Designed new employee bio pages, non-existent on old site
  • Launched a new email marketing campaign platform
  • New Newsletter design to coincide with updated website
  • Implemented shorter, simpler and straight to the point headlines to help minimize scrolling, increase click through rates and site visits
  • Mobile optimization
  • Internal team training

Though updates to the site have been ongoing and have been implemented by the internal Sever team, I encourage you to check it out by visiting